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We respect and adapt to your schedules and holidays. Manage your income and enjoy being self-employed!

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We help you develop as a professional by taking you through different stages as you grow with us

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Essential requirements for the legal practice of psychotherapists. A computer and smartphone with a good internet connection
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We encourage your professional growth by inviting you to different health talks


We have psychotherapists registered anywhere in the UK with different backgrounds and approaches


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They tell you about it themselves


From where do the sessions take place?
You will have the opportunity to learn more about how the platform functions during the course, however, the sessions will be carried out through a video call on our same platform, meaning we do not have another video calling platform since ours is 100% encrypted, guaranteeing, both for you and your patient, the highest quality, privacy and security at all times.
How do I manage my patients' payments?

You do not need to worry about it, all sessions are paid in advance and we will be the ones who take care of any matters regarding payments, thus to avoid uncomfortable moments that might hinder the improvement process.

Is there a schedule established by the platform in which I need to be available?

No, first of all we respect your practice as a self-employed and that is why you have total freedom to decide your schedule, the number of patients you want to take and your days off and / or holidays. If you indicate your availability, we will make sure that the patients who arrive to you also fit with your schedules.

Being a fully licensed/registered psychotherapist with one professional association, a suitable indemnity insurance (with preferably international coverage) and a valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Do I have to be registered as a Self-Employed?

Yes, all the therapists who collaborate with TherapyChat provide their services as self-employed.

Desde TherapyChat para facilitar el acceso a terapia, ofrecemos una primera sesión de 60 minutos gratis. Más info
Debido a la elevada demanda, el proceso de asignación con tu profesional puede tardar más de lo normal. ¡Disculpa las molestias!