The best psychological support for your team

According to a recent study led by the WHO*, depression and anxiety disorders cost the world economy nearly one billion euros annually in lost productivity.

Help your team members achieve their best, both in the workplace and beyond.

How it works

1. Chat with Cloe

Cloe, our virtual assistant, will understand each one's situation and, through an encrypted chat, explain to them how we work

2. Creating the account

Cloe will also guide the user through the process of creating their account

3. Therapist assignment

We assign the most suitable therapist according to the needs and preferences of each person

4. First session and therapy

Weekly sessions via 50-minute video call from anywhere at any time


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TherapyChat users claim to have increased their productivity at work by 42%*

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Lost working hours

Users indicate that lost working hours are reduced by 55%*

“Online therapy is at least as effective as face-to-face therapy*”

University of Zurich

“Therapy carried-out by an online therapist is effective, with benefits that last for more than eight months*”

The Lancet

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Desde TherapyChat para facilitar el acceso a terapia, ofrecemos una primera sesión de 60 minutos gratis. Más info
Debido a la elevada demanda, el proceso de asignación con tu profesional puede tardar más de lo normal. ¡Disculpa las molestias!

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