Online Therapy

Online or “non-face-to-face” therapy, despite appearing to be a novel psychology format, has evolved to position itself today as an effective therapy option for the people who have difficulty in fitting face-to-face therapy into their lives. From TherapyChat, we leave you with a series of articles with useful information, so that you can get the most out of your online therapy.


How to get the most out of therapy


What can you expect from therapy?


How to prepare for your first therapy session


Protected: Well-being: What can you do to feel better?

salud-emocional (1)

Emotional health: how to take care of it?

psicologos-para-que-sirven-sal-de-dudas (3)

Therapists, what are they for? Solve your doubts!

consulta psicológica online

Online Therapy: Pros and Cons

no estoy loco

I’m not crazy, that’s why I go to therapy

temas a tratar en terapia

10 topics to consider in online therapy

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