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Become your best self: get access to a qualified therapist through video calls, without travelling to an office and at a lower cost than traditional therapy.

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How it works

1. Talk to our virtual assistant

Cloe, our virtual assistant, will understand your situation and explain, through an encrypted chat, how TherapyChat works.

2. Select a plan and create your account

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and create your account to start enjoying your first sessions

3. We assign you the best therapist

We assign you to the most suitable psychotherapist for you, according to your needs and preferences

4. Enjoy your free consultation

You will have 7 days to make an initial 15-minute video call free of charge and without commitment, from wherever and whenever you want


Our therapists

We have selected professionals among coaches and therapists who cover the majority of specialities. All licensed and with extensive knowledge in their area of expertise. All of them go through a strict selection process so that you can feel safe in their hands from the very first moment.

Benefits of TherapyChat

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Speak with your therapist through video-call, anytime and anywhere without travelling to an office

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Enjoy the sessions with your psychotherapist, in a safe and private manner, through your computer or mobile

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We find the most suitable professional for you and that best fits your schedule

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Affordable thanks to the online format, but without having to renounce the quality of a face-to-face therapy


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Frequently asked questions

Areas we cover

TherapyChat offers 8 specialities: depression, anxiety, couples therapy, sexuality, self-esteem/personal development, social/family, work/academic and mourning.

How long does the therapy last?

Therapy duration is subject to different factors, such as the core reason for consultation, your commitment to the objectives marked by the therapist as well as the severity of so. Characteristics such as personality and the circumstances surrounding the person will also influence, which may cause the person to progress faster or slower through the treatment plan. However, on average, users who use TherapyChat undergo a therapeutic process of approximately 5 and a half months, which is close to the average of 6 months that a face-to-face service usually lasts, especially taking into account that the most severe mental health difficulties (which tend to take the longest) are not treated online.

Can I change therapist?

Yes, without a doubt. The user can request a change of therapist whenever he or she is not comfortable with the current one, either because of incompatibility of schedules, lack of personal connection, etc. You can request a change of therapist by contacting the therapist, or by writing to us at From that moment on, TherapyChat will put you in touch with another therapist who meets your needs.

Can I cancel?

If you have either decided to end your therapy or you have been discharged by your therapist, all you have to do is go to your Settings, enter the Subscription section and click on the Cancel Subscription option. Remember that the cancellation will be effective on the last day of your current plan. When you cancel, you are commanding the system not to renew your payment after that day.

How does the first free consultation work?

Once you have spoken to Cloe and chosen a plan based on your needs, you will be assigned to the best professional for you. Before your plan starts, you will have access to a free first contact with the professional who will guide you in your improvement process. The plan you have chosen when registering will become effective after 7 days. However, if you transfer to your professional the desire to start the plan before these 7 days, you will be able to do so. Also, we remind you that this is an automatic renewal, if after 7 days you do not want to start your plan you simply have to cancel your subscription.